About Ridgetop Academy

Ridgetop Academy is founded to bring higher level of learning in dentistry. Our current research based education system with didactic and hands on training will undoubtedly provide excellent training opportunity to practicing clinicians. Our program will prepare doctors to foresee clinical challenges and apply appropriate treatments in their practice every single day. The methods adapted in training at Ridgetop Academy has been formatted to enrich clinicians with current materials and technology. Along with the live patient sessions it is possible to make the training a true and real experience.

Our Goal

At Ridgetop Academy our goal is to bring higher level of education to the current and future doctors and their team members.

Our profession undergoes periodic updates and modification in treatment standards due to evidence based dentistry.

It is of utmost importance that we keep ourselves and our future generation of doctors educated on current research and treatments. Ridgetop Academy is an ensemble of excellent trained faculty to make the learning a positive experience.

Dentistry has evolved into one of the finest professions with high technology modernization. Our level of delivering treatments to precision detail has resulted in excellent clinical outcome. At the same time we have noticed difficulty in adaptation of new technology due to access, cost and different treatment philosophies. Our aim is to bring education to reach like-minded doctors to learn and excel both professionally and personally.

  • Training Centers
  • U.S.: 21475 Ridgetop Circle, Suite #230
  • Sterling, VA 20166
  • India: No.52, 100 ft Road,
  • Second Block, Koramangala
  • Bengaluru 560034
  • Karnataka, India
  • Email: info@ridgetopacademy.com

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